The Future is Green

While curriculum and programs are the foundation of theJJK-FAN, facilities are the supports needed to provide experiential learning and training opportunities for youth and families in East St. Louis. The JJK FAN campus will serve as a transformative community space providing tangible benefits such as climate mitigation, storm water retention, health benefits through increased access to food, physical activity, and green space.

We are working to repurpose post industrial land into a vibrant community hub of sustainable green spaces and learning while improving food access and economic vitality.

Current Facilities

All current and future facilities will be owned and operated by the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation. The JJKCenter is a pillar in the community currently housing afterschool/summer programs, sports, an Academy andHead Start within a 65 acre footprint. Easily accessible with a Metrolink station at the JJK complex, it is a hub for sports and community events. Through a joint use agreement with the city local Park District, JJK Foundation revitalized a greenhouse and community garden in 2019.

This greenhouse demonstrates three different aquaponic systems used in youth education while donating produce to the surrounding community.
JJK FAN programs have been actively providing food, agriculture, and nutrition education within existing facilities the past three years. Due to increased demand, we have quickly outgrown existing facilities and are pleased to say we have secured funds for a 24,000 sq ft Food Agriculture Nutrition Innovation Center.

Coming Soon

Our build out will support community connectedness through food while interweaving spaces dedicated to athletic performance, education, and agriculture within the urban fabric of East St. Louis.

Starting Spring of 2024, JJK Foundation starts construction on a Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition Innovation Center while expanding our indoor and outdoor growing facilities. This space will provide space and tools for community members to engage in hands-on programs and trainings related to food production, ag technology and innovation, and nutrition for improving health and performance. Together we are overcoming barriers to access to create life changing opportunities for community members within an 85 acre footprint.